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Event Cinema by toshStudio

                    Packages and options are updated regularly to meet the needs of our clients.
    Full-day event coverage and numerous package options are available.  Please contact us and we will customize a quote for you or your company.     

        We specialize in creating,  client messaging and distributing using the latest technology making this the ideal, cost effective delivery system for your business. All web-devices delivery system for your business.

                                                  Filming in Full HD 5.1 Dolby 1080i format ®  Filming in Full HD 5.1 Doldy 1080i format.


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Event Video or TV Commercials.

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Secret Places, Oahu Hawaii from Tosh Studio on Vimeo.

One of those Hidden Places on the Island of Oahu Hawaii that are still here.
Another one of those magical hidden gems in a very busy place in the middle of Tropical Paradise.


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    Establishing your corporate identity.       Marketing a new product or hosting an important business event.    Commercial video highlights in detail your story and the message benefits of what you do. Instruct viewers to take action with the production of a 30 second commercial or extended length infomercial. 
        Not for Profit groups can benefit from 30 or 60 second public service announcements to explain their mission.
     Keep your workforce at the top of their game with the creation of corporate training video that can be viewed from your website and duplicated to DVD.    Orientation videos introduce staff on company or department policy and procedure.   Compliance seminars can be viewed by employees who are unable to attend the mandatory meetings.   Real-estate Video... endless.

    Video Marketing - Television Commercials-Streaming  video on   your web site.  TSLOGO   will help  you reach your target market with a dynamic, stunning Video  The current rate at  toshStudio®  for commercial or industrial work will vary  depending on each assignment location, complexity and duration

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